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The Grand River Dam Authority is an agency of the state of Oklahoma, created by the Oklahoma Legislature in 1935 to be a “conservation and reclamation district for the waters of the Grand River.”

Headquartered in Vinita, Oklahoma, the Grand River Dam Authority is a non-appropriated state agency, fully funded by revenues from the sale of electricity and water instead of tax dollars.

GRDA generates, transmits and sells electricity to Oklahoma municipalities, electric cooperatives and industrial customers, as well as off-system customers across a four-state region.

GRDA  manages over 70,000 surface acres of water in Northeast Oklahoma.

The legislation which created the GRDA outlined its primary responsibilities this way:

  • To control, store and preserve, within the boundaries of the District, the water of the Grand River and its tributaries for any useful purpose and to use, distribute and sell the same within the boundaries of the District.
  • To develop and generate water power and electric energy within the boundaries of the District.

For even more information about GRDA please visit our The Power of Power page to read our informative publication.

GRDA’s Fee Schedule

If you would like a printed copy of GRDA’s Power of Power book, please email you name and address to jalberty@grda.com – Justin Alberty, GRDA Corporate Communications Director.

GRDA fulfills its responsibilities by operating three hydroelectric facilities and managing two lakes along the Grand River system. These facilities, along with the two coal burning units at the Grand River Energy Center (GREC), Red Bud facility and wind generation from several different Oklahoma wind farms combine to give GRDA a total electric generation capacity of close to 1,900 megawatts. In 2017, the new Unit 3 combined cycle gas generation plant came online at the GREC and has the potential to be the most efficient generator of its type in the United States. GRDA transmits and delivers this electricity across its 24-county service area in Northeast Oklahoma via a sophisticated energy delivery system. GRDA sells electricity to three customer classes: municipals, electric cooperatives and industries.

Contact Information

PO Box 409
226 West Dwain Willis Avenue
Vinita OK 74301
918-256-5289 (fax)