October 2014 Board Meeting

The October board meeting will be held on Monday the 13th at 10:00 a.m. in the Vinita Headquarters Board Room.

GRDA reminds public of hunting, camping rules for lakes area

Langley – As summer begins to give way to fall, the Grand River Dam Authority is reminding the public of the hunting and camping rules related to GRDA property. Those rules, which can be found online at grda.com and are also available in hard copy at the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center, cover the areas […]

Still using Oklahoma resources for Oklahoma power

Power for Progress… A weekly column from the Grand River Dam Authority The very first megawatt of electricity ever generated by the Grand River Dam Authority was made possible by Oklahoma resources. The waters of the Grand River flowed into the Pensacola Dam powerhouse, turning the turbine generators and producing hydroelectric power for Oklahomans. Ever since then (1940), GRDA has relied on Oklahoma resources to help meet much of the needs of its customers across the state. Today, as GRDA is preparing to construct what may very well be the most efficient combined-cycle generation plant in the nation (GRDA Unit 3), it knows that facility will also be fueled by an Oklahoma resource: natural gas. Add that generation to … more

Notice to the public

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC Please take notice that The Grand River Dam Authority has received an application for a private dock requiring directional bearing. Such directional bearing relates to a dock application for a private dock which if approved shall extend 88 feet across a cove, which measures 72.4 feet across from 745 feet mean sea level to 745 feet mean sea level on the nearest opposite shoreline. Applicant: Bret