April 2017 Board Meeting

The April board meeting will be held on Tuesday the 18th at 10:00 a.m. in the Vinita Headquarters Board Room.

Floodwater Release Bulletin

At 10:30 AM on Tuesday, April 18: · Grand Lake elevation was 745.09 feet. Daily target elevation for April 18 is 742 feet. · At the direction of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, five (5) east floodgates were open at Pensacola Dam, discharging 7,180 cubic feet per second (cfs) of water. · Five (5) units were online at the Pensacola Dam powerhouse, releasing 11,392 cfs of water through generation. · Releases through floodgates and generation totaled … More

Remember, it’s “safety first” around hydro facilities

Power for Progress... a weekly column from the Grand River Dam Authority A swift water – performed last week by Grand River Dam Authority Police along with members of the Locust Grove and Pryor Fire Departments below Robert S. Kerr Dam –is a good reminder of just how powerful rushing waters can be. That, coupled with the arrival of spring rains and the possibility of floodgate operations in the coming weeks is prompting GRDA to once again share some important safety information about access areas around its hydroelectric facilities. Remember, it is always “safety first” in these areas where signs, buoys, … More

Scam callers using GRDA number

Langley – It has come to the attention of the Grand River Dam Authority that some “scam” callers have shown up on area phones with a number identified as belonging to the Authority, offering opportunities related to debt consolidation. However, GRDA wants to assure the public that it does not make any such phone calls and is not affiliated with any type of robo-callers seeking your personal credit information. Please use caution when answering any such calls. They DO NOT come from GRDA. Other than for specific lake, property or permit related issues, our personnel … More