GRDA’s Competitive Rates

As a not-for-profit, cost-of-service public power utility, the GRDA is able to keep its rates competitive. In fact, GRDA’s rates consistently rank in the lowest 20 percent nationwide. GRDA has achieved, and maintains, these rates through the use of abundant hydro power (often referred to as free fuel) and inexpensive fossil fuel supplies.

Retail Sales

Terms and Conditions of Service for Industrial or Commercial Electric Customers

Renewable Energy Certificate Program


Peak demands greater than 750 kW




Peak demands between 100 kW and 750 kW

Small Commercial

Peak demands less than 100 kW


Wholesale Sales

Wholesale Electric Service Policy


Other Rate Schedules



The Power Cost Adjustment Mechanism (PCA)

With input from its customers, GRDA established the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) in 1984 to help stabilize rates. The PCA is a calculation GRDA makes to its rates to reflect the actual costs of fuel and purchased power (power that GRDA must buy from other utilities) used in electrical generation.

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