Lake Hudson

Lake Hudson was created in 1964 with GRDA’s completion of the Markham Ferry Project (Robert S. Kerr Dam). The lake is named after the late Wash Hudson, a former Tulsa attorney and member of the GRDA Board of Directors.

Lake Hudson is situated in a natural river valley, resting at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. Its location provides for breathtaking scenery comprised of majestic bluffs, rolling hills and quiet, secluded coves.

Significantly smaller than its “big sister,” Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees, Lake Hudson has 12,000 surface acres of water surrounded by 200 miles of shoreline. Hudson has an average elevation of 619 feet above sea level.

A wide variety of fish can be caught on Lake Hudson, and many consider it to be the best bass fishing lake in the state. During the fall and winter months, Lake Hudson is a haven for wildlife.

For rules and regulation on Lake Hudson please visit the GRDA Police page.

For a copy of the Lake Hudson Shoreline Management Program, visit the SMP page.