Robert S. Kerr Dam

Robert S. Kerr Dam

Sunset at Kerr Dam

Sometimes referred to as the Markham Ferry Project, this is the second hydroelectric facility constructed by GRDA. Located just north of Locust Grove, Oklahoma, the dam forms Lake Hudson, a 12,000-acre, 200-mile shoreline lake, the second in a chain of three lakes along the Grand River. Constructed in 1964, Kerr Dam’s powerhouse houses four, 28.5-megawatt generators that combine to produce 114 total megawatts of electricity. Kerr Dam has 17 floodgates and a total discharge potential of 599,000 cubic feet per second.

Contact Information:

Energy Control Center
Robert S Kerr Dam
PO Box 772
Locust Grove, OK 74352-0772
918-825-1935 fax

Kerr Dam Arial

Kerr Dam in the fall