Our History

Pensacola Dam

Pensacola Dam

In 1935, the Grand River Dam Authority was created as an agency of the State of Oklahoma, and is today overseen by an appointed Board of Directors who represent the people of Oklahoma.

Robert S. Kerr Dam

Robert S. Kerr Dam

Under the public power leadership, GRDA has made steady improvements and helped to create many thousands of jobs through the generation of reliable, low cost electricity for Oklahoma.

As the public’s need for electricity has grown, GRDA has responded by building an integrated electric  generation and transmission system.  Our first power generation began after the construction of the Pensacola Dam on the Grand River near Langley, Oklahoma.  We constructed the Kerr Dam in 1964 further downstream to harness more of this hydroelectric source.  To aid in reliability we built the innovative Salina Pump Storage plant in 1968.  Water is pumped uphill at night, and then recovered to generate electricity when needed in the daytime.

Salina Pumped Storage Aerial

Salina Pumped Storage Plant

With continued growth in electrical demand and facing a project power shortage, in 1978 GRDA initiated construction of our Coal Fired Complex.  Completed in 1986, the CFC has consistently ranked among the most efficient and reliable electric  generating plants in the nation.

GRDA Coal Fired Complex

Coal Fired Complex

Today, this fantastic facility produces approximately 70% of all electricity needed by GRDA customers.