2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Looking to the Future, Celebrating the Past

“When you put your hand in a flowing stream, you touch the last that has gone before and the first of what is still to come.” – Leonardo da Vinci

The potential for the Grand River Dam Authority existed long before the GRDA idea was born. Winding its way for centuries through what would one day become Northeast Oklahoma, the Grand River was both the inspiration and the foundation for GRDA.

When GRDA was created in 1935, its mission was to harness the waters of the river. In doing so, new benefits were realized for the very waters that had already helped to sustain mankind for thousands of years.  The site between the sudden boom towns of Disney and Langley, looking for work during some of the darkest days of the Great Depression. Together, they built Oklahoma’s first hydroelectric facility and one of the world’s longest multiplearch dams, giving a concrete and steel reality to the GRDA idea. By the end of 1940, Pensacola Dam was in full operation and providing electricity to Northeastern Oklahoma.