2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Mission: Possible

Is it possible to provide low-cost, reliable power, be responsive to customer needs and help improve quality of life across your service area?

The Grand River Dam Authority thinks so. And everyday, the GRDA workforce, with support from customers and the people of Oklahoma, works to complete this mission.

During 2009, GRDA proved this multifaceted mission was possible as it provided electricity, supported economic development and maintained proper stewardship of the natural resources under its control. At the same time, GRDA also planned ways to complete the mission in the years ahead.

Of course, while electricity generation, economic development and ecosystems management are the pillars of our mission, beneficial partnerships with customers and neighbors comprise the foundation for the whole organization. Through the pages of this 2009 GRDA Annual Report, we will take a closer look at all these areas and how it was “Mission: Possible” for the Authority in 2009.