2007 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Weathering the storms… together.

The kind of year the locals will be talking about for a long, long time.

That may be one of the best ways to describe 2007 in Oklahoma. After all, a pair of historic ice storms served as bookends for the year, bringing with them plenty of devastation in the form of downed power lines, destroyed trees and cold, dark days and nights.

However, even the clouds of a winter ice storm can have a silver lining, and for GRDA, that silver lining was new strength. Though it required a lot of teamwork during some stormy days, GRDA recovered from the ice storms, with a new strength and new experiences that will better prepare it for the future.

Meanwhile, even as new power lines were rebuilt after the storms—to be better than they were before the storm—GRDA was also strengthening and rebuilding relationships in 2007.

Nearly two years’ worth of negotiations led to a new long term contract which GRDA and many of its municipal customers signed in 2007. Although these public power partnerships were already long-term (GRDA has served the majority of its municipal customers for over 60 years), the new contracts represented a new strength, and really, a new level of relationship. That strength, and the experiences associated with reaching these historic agreements, will prepare GRDA, and its customers, for the future.

They are beneficial agreements these public power partners can depend on for a long, long time.