Scam callers using GRDA number

Langley – It has come to the attention of the Grand River Dam Authority that some “scam” callers have shown up on area phones with a number identified as belonging to the Authority, offering opportunities related to debt consolidation.

However, GRDA wants to assure the public that it does not make any such phone calls and is not affiliated with any type of robo-callers seeking your personal credit information. Please use caution when answering any such calls. They DO NOT come from GRDA. Other than for specific lake, property or permit related issues, our personnel would not contact area residents via phone.

As a good rule of thumb, do not give any credit card or bank account information over the phone unless you have initiated the phone call and you know that the company is reputable. You should not give your credit card information out when you have received the phone call from unsolicited sources.