Rule to be in effect on July 3 this year … GRDA Police issues Duck Creek boating rule reminder

Langley – With the 2012 Duck Creek Fireworks Show scheduled to occur on Tuesday night, July 3, the Grand River Dam Authority is reminding boaters of the special holiday Duck Creek boating rule.

Typically, that rule is in effect on July 4, however because the fireworks show takes place July 3 this year, the rule will apply on that date. The special holiday rule states that: On July 3rd (2012) “all watercraft in Duck Creek must operate at idle, minimum wake, round the clock (all day, all night).”

Meanwhile, GRDA Police continue to stress the “boat safe, boat smart and boat sober” message for all lake visitors over the holiday and all summer long.

“We encourage all lake visitors to have a wonderful time on Grand and Hudson lakes over the holiday,” said GRDA Assistant General Manager of Law Enforcement/Homeland Security Brian Edwards, “but please take the necessary steps that promote a safe outing: wear your life jacket, use common sense on the water and please, don’t drink and boat.”

While the “idle, minimum wake” rule is in effect the day of the Duck Creek Fireworks Show, the remainder of the Duck Creek rules for the summer boating season are as follows:

· All watercraft 8.5 feet in width or wider or watercraft 30 feet or longer in length shall operate at idle, producing minimum wake at all times.
· All other watercraft may operate at a speed not to exceed 30 MPH, between sunrise and sunset. Vessels must be up on a plane or idling, producing minimum wake when not at idle.
· All watercraft must stay to the right of the buoys and at least 150 feet away from docks and shore.
· May 1 through October 1, a no-wake zone shall be in effect each night between sunset and sunrise for all vessels.

For more information about the GRDA Police Department or how an officer can assist you, contact the department at (918) 256 0911, or visit Edwards also added that if you do need assistance from your boat, radio the GRDA Police on Marine Band 16.

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