January 2011 Board Meeting

January’s board meeting was held at GRDA Administration HQ in Vinita, Oklahoma on the 12th at 10:00am

Approval highlights

  • Approved a resolution of commendation for Terry McKinney, CFC. Terry officially retires February 1, aft er a 30-year career with GRDA.
  • Approved a Bid Award Recommendation for Contract 24948, LiDAR Mapping, PLS-CADD Modeling and Thermal Rating Analysis for Transmission System above 100 kV. Although this is not mandated by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, the assessment requires LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) aerial survey and modeling of each span of transmission line and thermal rating analysis to determine actual clearances. Nationally, there are approximately 450,000 miles of line requiring analysis and GRDA has 584 miles that fall under qualifications.
  • Approved Change Order #5 to Contract 20748, Substation Construction Services, Kerr Dam Substation, with BBC Electrical Services Inc., for installation services for 15 control cabinets. grand river dam authority
  • Approved Change Order #2 to Work Authorization 10342 with Electrical Consultants, Inc., for additional expenses to complete designs for Kerr Dam Substation Modifications.
  • Approved Change Order #2 to Contract 22118, Sallisaw Interconnect Transformer Addition, with Irby Construction Company for added work, materials and material handling and extension of completion date.
  • Approved Work Authorization #26546 with Burns & McDonnell for a three-stage proposal to stabilize the Pensacola West Abutment (the bluff on the west side of the Pensacola Dam powerhouse).
  • Approved Bid Award Recommendation for Contract 25327 for consulting services to complete the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission-Mandated Five-Year Re-licensing Process for the Salina Pumped Storage Project No. 2524.
  • Approved the Recommendation for Approval of the agreement of representation between GRDA and KAMO for the mandatory reporting of greenhouse gases rule, promulgated under the Clean Air Act.
  • Approved the Worker’s Compensation Insurance for policy period February 1, 2011 through February 1, 2012.