GRDA reports BGA level in Fly Creek arm of Grand remains high

Langley – The Grand River Dam Authority is reporting that the most recent results from water sample testing in the Fly Creek arm of Grand Lake have shown that the level of blue green algae (BGA) remains high in that area.

Those results are from water samples gathered by the GRDA Ecosystems Management Department on Saturday morning, June 17.

GRDA first reported the presence of BGA with microcystins levels greater than 100 micrograms per liter, on Friday June 16. BGA at densities more than 100,000 cells per milliliter with more than 20 micrograms per liter of microcystins is considered toxic.

The public advisory to avoid bodily contact with water in the Fly Creek area of Grand Lake remains in place. All other areas of Grand Lake are open, with no advisories in place. GRDA will continue to monitor the Fly Creek area on a daily basis, as long as conditions warrant.

If you see a BGA bloom, ODEQ recommends that you avoid all contact with the water, keep your pets and livestock away from the water and immediately contact DEQ at 800-522-0206 or GRDA at 918-256-0911.