GRDA promoting “Crappie Christmas” fisheries enhancement

After the holiday, turn live trees into fish habitats …

Vinita – Once those live Christmas trees have served their purpose in your homes this holiday season, the Grand River Dam Authority is asking you to consider putting them to another good use – as fish habitats.

As part of its first annual “Crappie Christmas” program, and as a public service, the GRDA Ecosystems Department will be collecting live Christmas trees December 26 through January 3 in the parking lot on the northwest corner of Pensacola Dam (Langley, Oklahoma). There will be a designated drop area for the trees and GRDA asks that all decorations and ornaments be removed. Only live trees can be accepted.

“This is going to be similar to what we do each year with the Rush For Brush program,” said GRDA Fisheries Coordinator Brent Davis. “We will be placing the trees in Grand and Hudson lakes, and the W.R. Holway Reservoir and they will serve as cover for the small crappie.”

Davis added that GRDA plans to mark the areas where the trees are placed so the public can easily find the enhanced fishing locations created by their tree donations.

“We think it can be a win-win situation for anglers,” said Davis. “Instead of burning those old trees, this is an easy way to dispose of them and still put them to good use.”

For more information on the “Crappie Christmas” program, contact Jacklyn Jaggars in the GRDA Ecosystems Management Department at (918) 256 0723 or

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