GRDA Police Implement Navigation Restrictions for the GLOC Boat Races

Langley – The Grand River Dam Authority Police Department is announcing that temporary boating navigation restrictions will be in place near the Sailboat Bridge area of Grand Lake on Friday and Saturday, July 14 and 15. The temporary restrictions will be in place to help accommodate the GLOC Shootout event during those dates.

According to GRDA Police, the restrictions will include a posted “No Wake” area for the event that will take place in the main channel of the lake, west of Sailboat Bridge. The restrictions will be in effect during the daytime on both dates and marked by special event buoys. All vessel operators should watch for special event navigational buoys, as well as event staff and officers that will be present in the area, and adhere to the no wake restrictions.

The GLOC Shootout is an annual drag boat race held on Grand Lake and expects to draw a crowd of spectators estimated at 15,000 both on land and on boats.