GRDA Offers Safe Boating Tips For Holiday Weekend

The Grand River Dam Authority is reporting that the waters of Grand and Hudson lakes continue to be free of any signs of blue green algae (BGA).

“All the tests we have performed in recent weeks continue to be negative for BGA,” said GRDA Ecosystems Management Director Dr. Darrell Townsend. “We will continue to monitor the situation, but things look pretty good now.”

With the Labor Day weekend fast approaching, that is a good report for those who are planning to spend time on the waters of these Northeast Oklahoma lakes.

Townsend said his department has been monitoring and testing lake waters ever since a BGA outbreak occurred on Grand earlier this summer. That outbreak reached its peak in early July. However, GRDA removed its BGA warnings on July 13, as lake conditions improved. Since that time, monitoring has not revealed any further BGA threat on Grand.

Meanwhile, with another busy boating holiday arriving, the GRDA Police are asking boaters to use common sense, and urging them to wear their life jackets, when they visit the lake.

According to GRDA, the following safety tips can make the outing safer for everyone:

DO wear a life jacket. They float, you don’t.
DO know the water and environment you will be boating on.
DO keep a good lookout while underway.
DO shut your engines off when people are in the water near your boat.
DO observe the nautical “rules of the road.”
DO check the weather forecast before getting underway.
DO keep a balanced load and a trim boat.
DON’T overload your boat.
DON’T ride on the gunwale, bow, seat backs or any other place that is not designed for sitting.
Finally, DON’T DRINK AND BOAT (the majority of lake accidents are alcohol related).

For more information on GRDA lake rules and regulations, visit the GRDA Police link on

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