GRDA, Mayes County FDs continue Texas response efforts

GRDA Police Officer Billy Blackwell navigates a water rescue boat down a flooded roadway in the Houston area. The boat in the background also contains GRDA officers. They have been in Texas since Monday evening, to help with water rescue efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

A Mayes County contingent of rescue workers, including officers from the Grand River Dam Authority Police Department, along with firemen from Locust Grove, Pryor and Adair and personnel with Mayes County Emergency Management, were continuing their water evacuation efforts in the Houston area on Thursday.

According to reports from GRDA Police, they have made at least 30 rescues in the Memorial City area, including animals (a bird, a rabbit, 6 dogs and 4 cats), since they first began their work on Tuesday.

Their area of rescue operations has some navigational challenges, due to many underwater hazards, however they will continue operations for as long as they are needed.

This team left from Pryor on Monday morning, following a request for assistance from the state of Texas to Oklahoma, which was then relayed through the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management. Several Oklahoma counties have sent rescue teams to the Houston area, following the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey.