GRDA Lake Police Announcing New Contact Number

Langley – While ‘911’ remains the very best number to call in an emergency, the Grand River Dam Authority is announcing a new contact number for the GRDA Lake Police Department: (918) 256-0911.

That is the announcement GRDA is making today, in conjunction with the GRDA Homeland Security Department dispatch office’s move to a 24/7 operation.

Already operational, the new (918) 256-0911 number can now be used to reach the GRDA Homeland Security and Lake Police Departments round-the-clock. This number will eventually replace the (918) 782-9594 number, which is still in service, but will be phased out later this summer.  “We still stress that ‘911’ is the best number to call during an emergency, however this recent change in GRDA Lake Police contact information is important,” said GRDA Corporate Communications Director Justin Alberty. “The old number has been in place for many years, and that’s why it will remain in service for awhile. From now on though, when you need to contact the GRDA Lake Police, we encourage you to use (918) 256-0911.”   Alberty added that GRDA is working to update all its literature and contact information to include the new phone number.