GRDA has no plans to leave Pryor

Vinita – While the Grand River Dam Authority is moving ahead with plans to purchase a Tulsa office building, the organization has no plans to leave Pryor, says GRDA Chief Executive Officer Dan Sullivan.

“In fact, we have plans to make a future investment in the Pryor community with the construction of a new Transmission Headquarters, adjacent to the MidAmerica Industrial Park.”

With rumors and miscommunication surrounding the Authority’s plans to purchase office space in Tulsa – which would house some of the GRDA personnel now located in the Pryor facility – Sullivan wanted to make sure that the facts are discussed.

“However, I have spoken this morning with Pryor Mayor Jimmy Tramel, and we have also spoken with the Pryor Chamber of Commerce and explained GRDA’s plans,” said Sullivan.

He added that GRDA has no plans to leave either Pryor or Vinita, where the GRDA Administration Headquarters has been located since the construction of Pensacola Dam.

From its earliest days, GRDA has also had a strong presence in Pryor and has met the city’s wholesale electric needs for over 60 years. Meanwhile, a large portion of the GRDA workforce calls Pryor home.

“We appreciate the relationship we have with the city and with Mayes County,” said Sullivan. “The Pryor area is important to GRDA and there are no plans to change that.”

Annually, GRDA’s Mayes County payroll totals nearly $20 million.
Sullivan added that construction of the new Pryor facility would began once plans and contracts were in place. Additionally, he said, GRDA is looking at half a billion dollars in upgrades and changes to the Coal Fired Complex, where the majority of the GRDA workforce is located, in the MidAmerica Industrial Park.

“We feel like we have a strong presence in this community, with many beneficial partnerships, and there are no plans to change any of that,” said Sullivan.

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