GRDA addresses frequently asked cleanup questions

Langley – In the wake of an early February snowstorm that caused extensive damage to docks and marinas all around Grand Lake, the Grand River Dam Authority continues its effort to work with the public on restoration.  “We are certainly aware of the widespread damage,” said GRDA Ecosystems Management Superintendent Darrell Townsend, PhD, “and we want the public to know that we are here to help.”

While all GRDA dock-related regulations remain in place, Townsend said GRDA remains very sensitive to the special circumstances of this weather event. He added that a letter, sent by GRDA to all dock builders and marina owners, addresses the most frequently asked questions and concerns about dock repair efforts.

In the letter, GRDA addresses:


  • Immediately disconnect any electric power source to your damaged dock.
  • Debris and non-recyclable material should be removed from the water as soon as possible to prevent navigational hazards and following clean up activities.

Damage repair and dock replacement

“We understand there will be other issues and questions related to clean up and recovery,” said Townsend. “So we encourage affected dock owners to contact us. GRDA’s goal is to expedite this recovery process as quickly and safely as possible.”

For more information, contact the GRDA Ecosystems Management Department at (918) 256 0852.

  • You will not be required to contact GRDA or have prior permission from GRDA before beginning cleanup, repair or replacement of your dock provided you make no modifications to the footprint of the dock.
  • If you intend to replace your dock with a new structure you may do so only under the size and configuration of your existing permit.
  • Any modification to your docks outside your current permit will require a new permit. If you are not familiar with the size and configuration limitations of your permit, you may contact GRDA for a copy of your current permit.
  • Any modifications made to your dock, not consistent with your current permitted footprint, will need prior approval from GRDA and may require Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval.
  • All dock repair and replacement may be done only by a GRDA permitted dock builder. However, you may personally perform repairs to your own dock.
  • All damaged docks will require an electrical inspection completed by an Oklahoma licensed electrician, before these docks will be deemed in compliance.
  • If your dock is a total loss and you are going to completely replace it, encapsulated flotation must be used (according to GRDA’s current construction standards).
  • If the current dock flotation remains serviceable, it may remain. All flotation which is replaced must be replaced with encapsulated flotation.
  • Boats that are damaged and underwater must be removed. Boat owners do not need a license to remove the boats. However, if you do use a contractor, they must have a valid commercial operations permit issued by GRDA.
  • Contractors shall follow all state and federal environmental rules and regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

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Photos of Dock Damage