Grand River Dam Authority Issues Statement On Discovery of Possible Prehistoric Human Remains:

On the evening of Sunday, April 8, the Grand River Dam Authority secured a site south of Langley, Oklahoma, where possible prehistoric human remains were discovered earlier in the day by the property manager. Shortly after being notified of the findings, GRDA took control of the site which is on private property but lies within the project boundary for the GRDA Markham Ferry Project (Robert S. Kerr Dam). At this time, GRDA continues to provide monitoring and security at the site and is working with other state agencies, including the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office, as well as Native American Tribes, to assess the scene. The site is being secured for further examination and out of respect for the remains. GRDA has not released any photographs of the scene. Photographs that have been released were taken prior to GRDA notification of the discovery. 

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