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Effective Date : 12/10/2014
Pay Range : $7,333.33 to $7,750.00 monthly

Position provides leadership and technical support for the operations department of a large multi-unit power generation facility.


  • Manage plant performance to insure maximum availability, environmental compliance, and reliable operation. Communicate discrepancies and corrective action plans to plant management.
  • Supervise the resolution and repair of serious facility problems using all available tools, personnel, and outside resources. Use prudent management to achieve high plant availability and minimize potential for catastrophic loss.
  • Manage and make recommendations concerning department training and personnel development plans. Assist front line supervisors with resolving complex plant related problems and department personnel issues.
  • Reviews, initiates, and maintains standardized operation procedures for all plant related systems. Plan and develop programs and procedures to improve facility reliability and overall efficiency.
  • Maintain communication within the department’s internal to the facility, i.e. Operations, Maintenance, and Plant Management.
  • Supervise scheduling of power generation with the GRDA Energy Control Center department.


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Effective Date : 12/16/2014
Pay Range : $4,830.00 to $5,105.00 per month


  • Assist with the operations and monitoring of the Purchase Card Program;
  • Assist with the operations and monitoring of the GRDA E Pay Program (payment of invoices by VISA);
  • Maintain GRDA’s Com Data Program (Fleet Management Credit Card);
  • Maintain GRDA Procurement training roster and assist with Procurement training events.





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Effective Date : 12/10/2014
Pay Range : $7,335.33 to $8,327.17 monthly

This position provides leadership and supervision for the I&C, Electrical, and HVAC departments who maintain a large multi-unit coal fired facility.




  • Supervise and manage the Electrical, I&C, and HVAC departments. Monitor and manage ongoing work throughout the facility.
  • Supervise and monitor electrical and control portions of large projects, facility shutdowns, serious facility problems and plant upgrades.
  • Manage the work performance and productivity of first line supervisors and their reports to ensure good communication, cooperation, safety, and fairness.
  • Manage communication within the department’s internal to the facility, i.e. Operations, Mechanical Maintenance, and Plant Management.
  • Manage and make recommendations concerning department staffing and training. Act as lead in interviewing and hiring of new personnel, insuring consistent high standards.
  • Manage, record, and report plant operations in regards to production and performance. Plan and develop programs and procedures to improve facility reliability and efficiency.
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Effective Date : 12/09/2014
Pay Range : $7,083.33 to $7,916.67 a month



  • As assigned, interacts and works with GRDA work groups to ensure compliance with NERC CIP Standards.
  • Prepares, creates, edits, and updates GRDA processes and procedures to reflect and/or modify actual work practices so that they are in accordance with current NERC CIP standards.
  • Stays abreast of changes in CIP standards and informs GRDA staff and management of changes and their effect on current policies, procedures, work practices, and staffing.
  • Assists staff in assigned areas to assimilate, verify, process, store, and retrieve evidence, data, and documentation to support compliance efforts and to demonstrate compliance for auditing purposes.
  • Prepares and assists with preparation of documentation for compliance audits.
  • Assists in the preparing of subject matter experts for audits.
  • Interfaces with the Southwest Power Pool to respond to requests for data, studies, comment, analysis, and planning activities concerning the GRDA compliance program.
  • Participates in compliance related working groups at SPP and NERC as assigned.
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Effective Date : 07/15/2014
Pay Range : Unclassified

This is an unclassified (exempt) position performing electrical engineering duties for the Engineering Department of the Grand River Dam Authority as assigned by the Chief Engineer.

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Effective Date : 10/20/2014
Pay Range : $3,438.78 per month


The responsibilities for this position involves establishing and maintaining a law enforcement program on Grand River Dam Authority controlled lakes and properties.



The functions within this position will vary by level, but may include the following:

  • Protects people and property; provides rescue/recovery operations when needed.
  • Patrols areas as assigned enforcing laws, regulations, rules and administrative policies; issues citations and makes arrests as appropriate; files charges and appears as a witness in court.
  • Responds to reported crimes and emergencies; secures scene as necessary; recognizes, collects and preserves evidence; interviews and interrogates suspects, victims or witnesses.
  • Investigates boating accidents and provides traffic control; renders or obtains medical assistance.
  • Inspects for safe operating conditions of boats and related equipment and takes appropriate action.
  • Makes public appearances and gives demonstrations and lectures; provides public assistance as required; cooperates and coordinates with appropriate agencies.
  • Completes or provides required training; keeps records and prepares reports as directed.
  • Maintains assigned equipment in good working condition.
  • Performs land management duties including inspection of various structures and sites to determine compliance with GRDA regulations; issues permits for docks, dredgings, ramps, retaining walls and breakwaters.
  • Supervises and instructs lake patrol officers in all aspects of the Oklahoma Boat and Water Safety Law and its procedures.
  • Investigates and resolves internal complaints.
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