Coal: America’s Energy

Blessed  with  vast  reserves, coal is by far America’s most plentiful   energy   resource.  The United States has more coal  than  any other nation, enough for hundreds of years.

About  half  of  American electricity  comes   from domestically mined coal,  providing energy security in a volatile and dangerous  world.

Since  the  beginning  of the  20th  century, electricity  from  coal  has  provided  the power  Americans  have needed  to  improve  their  lives. Today  that  same  low cost energy  helps  Oklahoma  compete  with  the  rest  of  the  world.

GRDA’s Coal Fired Complex  is  primarily  fueled  from  coal  surface  mined  in the Powder River Basin, where enormous  80-foot thick  layers  of  low sulfur coal enable safe, nominal cost mining and reduced emissions. If the energy from this GRDA coal was  put  in  your  car,  it  would  only  cost  pennies  per  gallon!