Coal-Fired Complex

GRDA’s thermal-generation facility transformed the Authority from a small, northeastern Oklahoma hydroelectricity producer, to a major electricity supplier for the region. Its completion nearly tripled GRDA’s total generation capabilities while nearly tripling the number of employees as well.

Meeting rigid government environmental standards is a top priority at the CFC. The facility is equipped with extensive pollution control equipment and also serves as an informal wildlife sanctuary. The CFC cooling ponds provide food and rest for thousands of migratory waterfowl while deer and other wildlife can also be seen on the grounds. No hunting is allowed on the site.

Contact Information:
Coal-Fired Complex
8142 Hwy 412B
PO Box 609
Chouteau, OK 74337-0609
918-825-7791 fax

Charles J. Barney, P.E. Assistant General Manager of Thermal & Hydro Generation

Steve Anderson Plant Superintendent

GRDA Coal-Fired Complex
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GRDA Coal-Fired Complex


GRDA Coal-Fired Complex Aerial

Bryan Shafer & Kevin Couch

GRDA Coal Fired Complex

GRDA Coal Fired Complex