Dock 101

Permit Numbers

Upon issuance of said permit, a number will be assigned to each residential Dock. These numbers shall be no smaller than three (3) inches high and shall be affixed to the residential Dock as to be easily visible from the water.

Transfer of Ownership

If ownership of a residential Dock is sold or transferred, the new owner must apply for a new permit and notify the Office of Ecosystems Management within fourteen (14) days after property transfer is complete or remove the facility and restore the use area within thirty days (30) after ownership transfer. The application process to transfer an existing residential Dock shall be the same for requesting a permit for a new Dock; however, the applicant need not have a new survey completed if (i) an old survey clearly indicates the GRDA taking line or (ii) the legal description of a previous owner’s deed of conveyance uses the GRDA taking line as a point of reference. GRDA reserves the right to require a new survey, if justified by the circumstances.


The Board, upon written application and after hearing subject to the procedural and substantive standards hereinafter set forth, may grant waivers to the application of these rules and regulations:

  • Waivers of these rules and regulations may be granted by the Board of Directors of GRDA upon application. In approving waivers of these rules and regulations, the Board of Directors shall consider positive and negative impacts to the following:
  • Characteristics, zoning and prevailing permitted uses within a half-mile radius of the proposed activity.
  • Shoreline topography and geometry.
  • Safety, navigation and flood control requirements.
  • Environmental impacts. Potential economic development and tourism benefits.
  • Recreational use impacts.
  • Statutory mandates (82 O.S. 861 et seq.).

If the permit holder fails to comply with applicable laws, rules or regulations or ceases to use, operate or maintain a permitted facility, the Office of Ecosystems Management may revoke the permit and cause the facility to be removed by contract or otherwise, and the permit holder agrees to pay all costs incurred thereof.

Dock Damage
If a Dock is damaged by weather (i.e. high winds, tornado), the permit holder has ninety (90) days to repair.   Rules as of May 2007

For all dock-related information, contact:
Janet DelliSanti
918 256 0852