Boat Safe, Boat Smart, Boat Certified

The Kyle Williams Boating Safety Education Act prohibits kids between the ages of 12 and  up to 16 years old, without a valid drivers license, from operating any vessel powered by a motor of more than 10 horsepower or a sailing vessel 16-feet or longer without first completing a state-approved Boater Safety Course. They must also have a certificate documenting their completion of the course. Fines for violating this new law range from $50-$500.

GRDA’s goal is to help you make sure your family is safe while having fun and in compliance with the law. As a service to recreational boaters on our lakes, GRDA is offering Boater Safety Courses, FREE of charge.

Classes will be held on the following dates
April 21, May 12,  June 9, June 16, and July 21st

To register, call Lori Starks at 918-256-0644