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Bid Number Description Status Closing Date Awarded Date
RFQ 21595 Fiber Termination Panels Open 1501459200
RFQ 21501 CEM System Spare Parts Open 1499299200
RFQ 21606 Replacement of existing Fire Supression Panel Open 1501200000
RFQ 21598 Buoy Installation and Maintenance Open 1499299200
RFQ 21584 Steel Poles Open 1500508800
RFQ 21597 Fire Alarm Panel Open 1501027200
RFQ 21596 Disposal services for used oil absorbent and used oil filters Open 1498521600
RFQ 21569 Zebra Mussel Treatment Open 1500940800
RFQ 21600 Breaker, BBC Brown Broveri, Vacuum Breaker Open 1499212800
RFQ 21594 Fire Suppression System Open 1499299200