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Bid Number Description Status Closing Date Awarded Date
RFQ 21912 Roth Pump Impellers, Booster Impeller Assembly, Discharge Liner, O-rings, and Snap Rings Open 1513641600
RFQ 21914 Switches for Transmission Warehouse Stock Cancelled 1515024000
RFQ 21913 Eyewash Stations, Stands, Cartridges Open 1513641600
RFQ 21911 LED Flood fixture Open 1513814400
RFQ 21909 Demag Delaval Parts for Boiler Feed Pump Open 1514937600
RFQ 21908 Yarway and Crane Valves Open 1513728000
RFQ 21906 Mobile DTE 732 Open 1513555200
RFQ 21887 Silica Analyzers, Refillable Resin Columns, & Sample Analysis Screens Open 1513209600
RFQ 21900 Purchase padmount transformers Open 1513641600
RFQ 21903 OMICRON Line Impedance Test System Open 1513296000