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Bid Number Description Status Closing Date Awarded Date
RFQ 22195 Fiberglass Corssarms Open 1527638400
RFQ 22193 Propane Open 1528156800
RFQ 22189 RATA Testing Open 1527033600
RFQ 22159 Bushings for Transmission Warehouse Stock Open 1527552000
RFQ 22186 Wire/Cable: ACSR, 556.5, 18/1 Stranding, 0.879" O.D. 690 Amperes Open 1527638400
RFQ 22185 GRDA Police Firearms and Accessories Open 1527638400
RFQ 22181 Thermo Fisher Photomultiplier Tube Open 1527638400
RFQ 22179 Industrial Workstations with Overhead Storage, Undermount Storage, Drawer Assembly, and Power Strip Open 1526947200
RFQ 22176 One Year Contract for Quaterly Testing of Effluent Toxicity Open 1527552000
RFQ 22173 Hybrid Striped Bass Fingerlings to Stock Lake Hudson Open 1527120000