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Bid Number Description Status Closing Date Awarded Date
RFQ 22032 Epoxyless Pleated Stainless Cartridge Filter Open 1519862400
RFQ 22031 Herbicides Open 1519776000
RFQ 22029 Short Close Bid Reconditioned Coils Open 1518652800
RFQ 22024 Sampling Boat and Trailer Open 1519689600
RFQ 22025 Thermo Fisher CEM Parts Open 1519603200
RFQ 22022 Wayfinding Signage Open 1519689600
RFQ 22021 Ice Merchandiser Rental and Bagged Ice Open 1519689600
RFQ 22020 Septic Tank Waste Removal and Tank Repair Open 1519084800
RFQ 22019 Paint Open 1519084800
RFQ 22016 Mechanical Seal Repairs Open 1519603200